Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shrinking Me

This personal blogging thing is new to me and its about to get a whole lot newer. I've been blogging for years about politics and perhaps occasionally wrote about something different. And this blog started off with me just posting silly stuff I found on the internet but now it seems to be adding another dimension.

Most people in my personal life know that a significant major change has happened to me over the last 14 months. But I've rarely discussed it in the blog-la-sphere. But here's a shot.

Since early August of last year, I've lost nearly 180 pounds. I have shrunk tremendously and its radically altered my life. I have a ways to go but its a day at a time and yes I feel amazing while also scared, confused and more.

As time goes on I will share more with you about it and how I did it. Of course I will be more than happy to help anyone else facing their personal battle with the bulge. I've also finally added an exercise program to my repetroire and if anything blogging about that will keep me on it (as you will expect me to right?).

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Anonymous said...

This is great news. Congrats MH. You're adding years to your life. I know it's tough to change eating habits. Be patient. Rome wasn't built overnight.

Here are a few diet tips that worked for me.

Brush your teeth right after you've had your allotted portion of food.

Put your new portions on a smaller plate (it looks like more food that way)

Drink plenty of water

Stay clear of alcohol (wasted calories and it affects your blood sugar).

Get enough sleep (lest you are into self sabotage)

Try fat free substitutes, some are not too awful.

Exercise-swimming is great if you have joint issues

If there is a specific "cheating time" that you are aware, plan a treat for yourself at that time......then, brush your teeth (that kept me from having seconds).

Reward yourself (new item, other than food).

If you were grotesquely overweight, you might want to save up for plastic surgery since there might be extra skin. Do your research because I've read a few plastic surgery horror stories. I know this tip sounds weird; just mentioning it if it applies to you.

Well, you probably already know this stuff. If not, maybe some of the tips will come in handy.
Keep up the good work.