Saturday, May 31, 2008

10 Reasons to Date a Lesbian

I found this gem on Craig's List.

After over 10 years of exclusively dating women, I am done. The pendulum is definitely swinging in the other direction. Although I have to admit that dating girls was a lot of fun, especially during my college days, the prospects are just not that bright headed into my 30’s. Fortunately, in the meantime, a lot of you guys have finally grown up and become considerably more interesting as dating material.

You may also be wondering why you would want to even try dating a lesbian. I mean really, from a guy’s perspective, what’s the attraction, right?

So here is my list –


1. I don’t hate men. This is because, unlike most straight women, I don’t have an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband who has cheated or otherwise done me wrong. Instead, the men I’ve chosen to spend time with have always been my friends. We’ve drunk beer together, gone camping, and talked about girls. I only have good things to say about the guys I know.

2. I’ve never been a gold digger. At no time in my life have I been under the impression that Prince Charming would show up and take care of everything. Instead, I’ve developed my independence and learned how to do things for myself. I would still love for you to take me to dinner on occasion, but I don’t need you to support me.

3. I don’t mind getting dirty. I can go camping, hiking and fishing without worrying about my nails.

4. I’m still feminine. I may not coat my face with tons of makeup, but if you think all lesbians are butch, you have a lesson coming to you. For the record, I’m tall, blonde, fit, athletic, attractive, and look great in tall boots and a short skirt.

5. I don’t call myself bisexual. Bi chicks have a reputation for cheating on their husbands and being incapable of sustaining meaningful relationships with women. It may be a generalization, but I’ve met enough of them to know that I don’t ever want to date one or to be called one. It’s just not my style.

6. You never have to wonder if I slept with that other guy. I didn’t.

7. I’m also not dragging around some other guy’s kids.

8. I don’t play games. Honest. Having only dated women, I never learned how to manipulate a guy.

9. I’m more interesting than most of the girls you’ll meet in PB. I’m smarter than them too.

10. You’ve secretly always wanted to be with a lesbian but never thought you’d have a chance.

At this point, you are probably wondering what the down side might be… here it is.


1. I may not be attracted to you. It’s true. Then again, how many dates have you been on with straight women who lacked the necessary chemistry too? The only way to find out is to try, right?

2. I am an unabashed feminist. If I cook for you, you might have to do dishes.

3. I don’t know all the moves. In fact, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to guys, whether it be flirting over drinks or lights out in the bedroom. As they say though, practice makes perfect.

So what do you think? Still interested? If you are, let’s give this a try.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Monkey Business

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have trained monkeys to control robotic arms with their brain waves. Could they perhaps teach monkeys to run the City?